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Monday, July 28, 2003

AFP Meet: Maaike & Sylvain at the Natural History Museum

I headed off to London early as I wanted to see if I could find a Sony CliƩ TG50 going cheap[1], so I could pair it up in a bluetooth style with my other new gadget a Sony Ericsson T610, a pretty good phone with great graphics and even better sound. I sent my first ever Picture Message to m'friend Alison from Legoland last Thursday.

Anyway, Tottenham Court Road was closed, so I wasn't forced to spend lots of money.

I then went to my other regular haunt, Covent Garden, as there is a new Swatch Bijoux Ring that I'm quite keen on. The shop assistant told me it was only avaliable in Europe. I said, "We are in Europe" which flummoxed her a bit.

So finally off to The Natural History Museum where, after a moment of not seeing the leaves for the trees I found Eric Jarvis and Dom. We were later found Alec Cawley, and then Maaike and Sylvain turned up within a few minutes of each other.

We entered the museum and headed straight for the Darwin Centre, pausing only to admire the wonderful architecture of the great hall. Amongst the mammals we found a Mon^H^H^HOrang-utan and a Ruthi[2], finally as we made our way to the Darwin Centre we were joined by an Aquarion, a Lone Cat, a Nattie, a Ben, and some other people I've prolly forgotten.

After marvelling at picked animals in jars, standing in circles, and me running over Aq with a bench-on-wheels, we made our way to the cleanrooms exhibit, of which the most fun was had selectively breeding mullets.

Following a quick look at the Earth From The Air exhibit, I made my way to Richmond, Desination: Comedy, as for the others... that's for you to fill in.

Many photos were taken, and will be avaliable presently on My Photo Album

[1] Must. Resist. Punchline.
[2] kylet: "Who are you?" Ruthi "Ruthi" kylet: "Oh, good. Actually that sounded a bit rude didn't it: 'Who are you?'" Perhaps I should have pretended I'd asked, "How are you?"


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