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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Shiney Shiney

Zire 72I got a new Palm Zire 72 today, great next-day service from Expansys.

I've been playing with it, and it seems pretty good. For some reason when I re-installed Palm Desktop, all the conduits conflicted with iSync, they didn't used to... But I just disabled everything PIM-like, and now it's fine.

The built-in camera is quite good, crap in dark light, but I did some nice daylight shots, and a movie-ette - and the great thing is they sync with the Pictures and Movies directories, all good.

The installation of VersaMail is a broken AppleScript, but I managed it manually, solitaire doesn't install though.

Copying a movie in .mov format makes the new Mac-only file copying 'droplet' convert it to .mpg format and multiply its size by 10...

Dial-up via the T610 seems a bit erratic, 2 identical network settings, 1 worked, 1 didn't.

The SMS software is nice, but it doesn't look up numbers in the address book, so you can't immediately tell who they're from.

Address book has photos to names, but doesn't sync with the OS X Address Book pictures, which is a shame.

Calendar doesn't sync individual iCal calendars to Palm Calendar 'categories' which is a shame...

The Zire 72 doesn't charge from USB, whereas the 21, at 1/4 the price, does. Odd, but handy because the 21 was New York-sourced so came with a US-only adaptor.


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