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Monday, January 31, 2005

Today I have done...

...nothing. Well it seems that way. I spent 5 hours filling in a questionnaire for my nursing application to The University of the West Of England, it was all 'describe a situation where...' questions and the like, 15 of the buggers, but I think I've got some good answers referring to things I did at Surrey, particularly Silly Night and running for President, and my St John activities. Absolute nightmare. Worse than the UCAS/NMAS forms which, although they took me a month to gather all the info, were quite easy to fill out.

Then I went to the doctors to have my ears syringed... and got charged AU$22 for the privilege - reciprocal healthcare? Pah. I did get AU$30.85 off with my Medicare card, but it was still a shock to pay at all.

And that has been the whole day, other than getting a couple of Wodehouses out of the library which I am going to enjoy now and relax.


  • At 7:48 pm , Blogger nursey33 said...

    Hey Kyle, UWE suck, but don't let that put you off. Good luck with it all anyway. Sounds like you've got good ideas for answers! Whats happened with all the rest?

  • At 4:41 am , Blogger kylet said...

    Brigton want an interview - in person, which is why I am returning early - Surrey ditto, and I haven't actually heard much from Hull. Had an email from Bournemouth, asking for more info... Not really sure where I stand with any of them, really!

  • At 7:58 pm , Blogger nursey33 said...

    When are you coming home then? How wierd would it be going back to surrey uni!


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