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Monday, October 03, 2005

The Man - Bill Drummond

Bill Drummond's The Man is being re-released, so here's my Amazon review (if they print it!)

4<br />out of 5 stars

Like folk? Like 'Art Terrorism'? Like broad Scots rapping?

Reviewer: xkylet from Bristol, United Kingdom

Yes, it's the same Bill Drummond of JAMMs/KLF/K Foundation/K2/etc fame, but what the KLF fan might expect isn't what they are necessarily going to get.

No mad, complex dance here, just some pleasant folky stumming, some slide guitar and the infamous "Julian Cope Is Dead"

Folk all the way through, with some autobiographical songs (Son of a Preacher Man, Going Back) and some happy songs (I'm The King of Joy, I Want that Girl) and a nice insturemtal to start with (True to the Trail - sort of cowboyish) and a recitation (Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation)

All is that same scots accent you might have heard singing altogether different songs.

Highly recommended.


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