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Thursday, October 26, 2006

A trip to London


Yesterday I got the 0720 bust from Bristol and got to London at 0930, headed straight for the Tate Modern where it took me an hour and a half to queue to get tickets to join the queue for slide 4 of Carston Höller's Test Site, and I had finally got my 5 second ride - well worth it. - I was assured that while this wasn't the tallest, it was the fastest - hard hats and elbow pads supplied! Having been to the Tate many times before I didn't stop to look anywhere else, and headed straight for Borough Market - but it was closed, a detail I didn't think to check! But as I was there I happened across the Old Operating Theatre museum, fascinating as as it was also a herb garret it smelt lovely.

Just had a wander about looking at places I have not been before, or for a while.

Then I met m'friend Liz after she finished work just off Oxford Street - in another nice area I had not been to before. Luckily I found it okay, as a passing woman in a drizabone and a motorbike helmet showed me the way.

Unfortunately we only had about an hour before my bus left, and then to make matters worse my bus was an hour late. Bah


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