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Monday, March 30, 2009

Cellnet issues

My issues with Cellnet as was revolve around a couple of times I went travelling. I have a rather good mobile number that I had had for five years and didn't want to lose it. In 2000 I asked if I could put my account on hold whilst I went away, which they did no worries and I returned six months or so later and restarted my contract. In 2004 I wanted to do the same and was told that it was not possible - but I could reduce my contract to 'only' £25 a month whilst I wasn't using it. I asked the lady on the phone is they weren't interested in keeping a customer that had been with them for nine years, she said no - who says loyalty pays? I asked for my PAC, which she gave me without any questions and I transferred my number to a Virgin PAYG account, which I then didn't use whilst I was away, and went to Orange on my return. Then T-Mobile introduced their Flext deals and I've been with them for the past three years. However it's coming up to renewal time and there is no mobile phone I've used that seems to live up to the iPhone, especially now there is MMS coming and the thing *just works*. So I guess I'll be giving them another go

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  • At 5:11 pm , Blogger evergrowingbrain said...

    you won't regret the iphone. sucks at being a phone, but its amazing at everything else. who needs mms when you can update your photos to facebook/twitter/email directly!

    loving your work



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