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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MiFi - the future of mobile Internet?

Today I took delivery of my Novatel MiFi, a new category of mobile Internet device.
This palm-sized device (about an inch shorter than an iPhone) takes a SIM card from your mobile provider and creates a WiFi network for up to five devices. I connected my iMac, MacBook and iPhone simultaneously and could spot no detrimental effects on the speed of connection, although speedtest.net results were slower than real-life impressions.
I've only been using the device for an hour or so but first impressions are favourable with some misgivings about the effects on my other local network - the one I use for my Time Capsule and AirPort Express for iTunes and printing. I need to do a bit of delving and figure out a way for both networks to coexist.
The most surprising thing about this device is the lack of coverage out there. I'm not the most avid reader of technology websites and the like, but for something so new and innovative to have passed much of the Internet by seems astounding; I only heard of the MiFi through Twitter. Perhaps that is more indicative of the rise of Twitter than anything else.
Further reports to follow.

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