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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Save Gaby's Deli

Dear Mr Cameron,

As a supporter of Ms Portas' recent report regarding safeguarding and revitalising the high street I wonder if you are aware of the Marquess of Salisbury's plans for Charing Cross in Westminster? As part of the development proposal a number of small shops & businesses are being forced to close to make way for a larger venue that appears to have been earmarked as a possible location for a large 'chain' restaurant or similar. Amongst the business that will be affected is Gaby's Deli at 30 Charing Cross road - a place that is known though out the world & is held in high esteem in the hearts, minds & stomachs of people worldwide. Personally my family have been eating there since they opened, indeed my grandmother seems to recall a deli there before Gaby took over. It would be a shame to lose this treasured restaurant within our capital, especially given the emphasis of Ms Portas' report I wonder if you might request a reassessment of these plans by Lord Salisbury?

Yours Sincerely,

Kyle Thompson
[Address supplied]


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