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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Dalton Trumbo's Reluctant Cabaret

Also on Sunday I went to see Dalton Trumbo's Reluctant Cabaret at The Laughing Horse comedy club at The Britannia, Richmond, Surrey.

The first tine I saw them I went with M'friends Michelle and Beth, we'd just heard of this comedy night and fancied going, no Idea who was playing. When we got there we had to crouch on the back of a radiator, and struggled to see a few decent comics, and then for the cedond half "Dalton Trumbo's Reluctant Cabaret" were anounced. First on came a woman dressed in a posh frock and a tiara, and then proceded to set up a Keyboard. She didn't say anything until she played a cheesy "introduction" tune as she was joined on stage by a moustachio'd Mr Trumbo, who then introduced his mucical companion as "Moody Bitch" Lady Hugo. Throughout the show they were joined by Jennifer the butler and the Reverend Ho-Chi, and followed one of the best hours of comedy I've seen in a long time. Any description cannot really do justice to the "Wonder Bra" song, the Farmyard song (I am Mr Lama and I'm walking on the Farm. Hello! Hello!)

The second time we saw them we were dissapointed with "only" a 20 min or so show, so during the break Michelle and I spoke to Mr Trumbo (real name unknown...) and asked when we might next get the chance to see their hour-long set, so 27 July was booked!

Earlier in the day I had gone to London for an AFP Meet (see below) so I arrived in Richmond about 7.30, grabbed a beer whilst I spoke with MC Kevin McCarron, he knew my name due to the fact that we'd booked 13 seats! We had spread the word, and returned to take up the entire back 2 rows! Of course I got picked on due to having such a large crowd ("anyone with that many friends must be a drug dealer" Ironic, considering the question I was asked on Saturday!)

The first few acts were good, of note was a female comic named Laura who did a very good set in a "nervous" style. Then, after the break what we all came to see! The whole room was packed, and we were entertained with a more polished version of the show. Lady Hugo, who remains silent throughout the show, has the best facial expressions, these alone are pure genius.

We heard, once more, "Wonderbra", "Farmyard" and all the other favourites, and combined with "hypno hats" and other clever ideas, the remaining hour passed, occasionally with me laughing in anticipation, but mostly with howls of laughter from the crowd.

Absolutely marvelous. If you ever have the chance to se this act I highly recomend it. 13 people cannot be wrong!


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