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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I bought a Bucket of Water from FHM on eBay

Yes, I really did buy a Bucket of Water on eBay for £104. Not £300, £120, £142.32, £80 or any of the other random guesses from the 800+ results on Google!

Yes, I knew it was a stunt by FHM, I even had my own full page spread in the May 2003 issue.

It was me, OK? I own up to it, I am Kyle Thompson, an engineer, from Woking.

Happy now?


  • At 4:50 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...


    i wonder if you can help me. I'm putting together a hypothetical TV show on Ebay for my final year uni project. Your story sounds very interesting, is the article available anywhere online?

    Please email me at : c.sutcliffe@student.salford.ac.uk to let me know

    Thanks so much!


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