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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Zire 72 6 month review

On 14 May I took delivery of a palmOne Zire 72, which was a new product at the time.

I gave my first impressions here, and not much has changed since then, apart from one thing: The paint finish.

Apparently there is a lot of brouhaha on the interweb about the 'new' textured paint finish that was applied to these units. It is simply that the paint wears off, much like the very similar finish did on my Psion Series 5.

My PDA has just been returned to me just over 2 weeks after I sent it off for warranty replacement because of the paint finish. I now have, presumably, a reconditioned unit as a replacement.

All in this paint thing doesn't really bother me, which seems odd to myself as I'm usually very fussy about these things, but I bought the thing to use.

Otherwise the PDA functions superbly, iSync synchronisation with my Mac's PIM programs is simple (iCal, Address Book) although it would be nice if individual iCal calendars got sync'd to categories, and if Address Book pictures got sync'd to the Zire's address book.

Movies and Pictures get synchronised to my Movies and Pictures folders, and the 'Copy to Palm' droplet is a nice way of copying data to your PDA.

A Macintosh, Bluetooth and Salling Clicker is a match made in Computer Heaven.

Replacing my paint-worn Zire with a new, reconditioned, one was painless, I simply removed the device from iSync, and then re-inserted it choosing "erase data on device and restore" for first sync. All software and most settings were restored. only categories in the Palm calendar were not restored, and passwords in Versa Mail. I've just sent myself an email from the Palm via my T610 and it has worked fine.

Actually some software that I've previously uninstalled from the Palm were restored, but better that then the other option!

All in, a good device, I'm happy with it.


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