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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Kyle and O2 part company.

As part of my 'getting ready for going to Australia' plans, I phoned O2 today to ask to put my account on hold - as I did during my travels in 2000. The best O2 could offer me was to reduce my line rental to £16 a month, not a very good deal at all. So I asked for my PAC and bought a Virgin SIM! Much better deal. All I need to do now is to phone someone for a second or so every month or so while I'm away to keep it ticking.

What a shame for O2 - I've been with Cellnet / BT Cellnet / O2 for nine years now, and they made no effort to keep me! Customer loyalty highly regarded there.

I was thinking of switching to Virgin a while ago, as I saw very sad and made a spreadsheet working out the costs of about three statements comparing O2 and Virgin and found no difference in cost.

I want to keep my phone number though, which is why I have to do it now before I move. Grr, more hassle.


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