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Thursday, March 03, 2005


I've been reading Rabbi Milton Steinberg's Basic Judaism for the past few weeks. It's not a book to sit down with and read cover to cover in one sitting but it is very interesting.

One thing I read today struck me as a stand-out point for Judaism; whereas many religions teach "belief in foo is the only true religion, and disbelief leads to eternal damnation", Judaism regards that come Vindication all humankind shall be redeemed, regardless.

Also where many religions treat others as being false, Judaism accepts that other religions have worthwhile qualities, even going to the extent of admitting that in some respects another religion might be better. "It is good, not regrettable, that religions are plural, just as it is advantageous to the world that there are many persons and civilisations"

On many points in this book Judaism simply seems so liberal and open to one's own interpretation.

If you have any interest in religion I highly recommend this book.


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