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Thursday, October 13, 2005

How did I cope without the internet?

Last time I went to university the internet was in its infancy, Mosaic had just come out and I remember someone showing me a .gif animation and we were enthralled.

Those were the days when the internet was black, white, grey and blue.

By the end of my degree, Mozilla was out, and everyone had a personal website, but there was not much information out there, or if there was it was not easy to find.

Six years later, the personal website has become more professional, and we have GoogleTM to supply us with all our searching needs.

More importantly this is the age of on-line journals. Last time round, I spent hours in the library researching, and usually selecting poor books for my requirements. Today I may have been working all afternoon researching "Interprofessional working" but at least I was able to do it, wirelessly, from the comfort of my own home, browsing through 1,000's of on-line journals, compiling the data then sending it to a private directory of my website for use in tomorrow's presentation.

So much easier to find what I need, thanks UWE on-line library, thanks Ovid.


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