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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Specialized Langster

I went to Bath after work today and bought a friend's old bike off him, I'd been meaning to try a road bike for a while and I wanted a single speed/fixed speed bike too, the opportunity to combine both came up so I went for it.

I got home, fitted my pedals, adjusted the saddle and set off on my regular commute route to see how I did. Apart from a few problems setting off from stationary in a higher than usual gear I managed all the hills non stop and even overtook people for a change. In fact the 13 mile route I managed in just over an hour, not bad for a fat bloke on an unfamiliar bike I thought. I attempted to cycle up my local very steep hill when I got home - one that I struggle to manage using my Brompton's lowest gear. I slowly ground to a halt with little chance of setting off again. That will be my next challenge.

Luckily it's quite an attractive bike too - I say luckily, as it's going to have to live in my living room!


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