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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Cancer treatments

I have just participated in a YouGov survey that was a bit of a mixed bag of questions which ended in a series of questions about cancer.
One of the questions was a grid to select what I thought was the most and least effective cancer treatments out of radiotherapy, drugs, surgery and chemotherapy. I selected 'surgery' as the most effective, after all - what could be better treatment than removing the cancer. But then I hit a snag - the other treatments are effective too, and no one treatment is going to be used alone, some people probably have all four. So, given that I could only choose one option for each treatment, what was I going to decide was the least effective? It caused me to think for a moment, I know what I chose, based partly on personal experience and professional experience, but with no evidence to back up my decision, as cancer is not really something I know much about, despite a family diagnosis being the reason I got in to nursing in the first place.

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