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Friday, November 12, 2004

Last day at work...

Today was my last day at T&R, I arrived 10 mins late, because the cake shop didn't open until 8! I thought I'd splash out and buy everyone a cake, there are only 16 of us, and the near-by bakers is very cheap.

Mostly been packing this morning, clearing out rubbish (I really should have eaten those apples a few months ago. Bleurgh) and trying to finish some work off.

Had my 'exit interview', which was just asking what I liked, disliked and thought could be better.

Then they gave me a hat with corks on, a multitool and some work promo stuff. Nice card with pictures of everyone.

And now it's 1pm, and the working day is over, and my employment here, after 4 years, is over and I'm one step closer to the next stage of my life!

Flat sale hopefully completing next Tuesday, Australia in 2 weeks and then... ?


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