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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

UCAS/NMAS application fun

I have just filled in two 'personal statements' on a UCAS and an NMAS form, and it feels as if my arm is falling off.

Why am I doing it?

Well I have talked about this to a few people, but not really made it public, I'm planing on returning to uni next September to study nursing. I've already got a BEng from Surrey, but as you may have noticed from the fact that I quit the other week, I have become a little disilusioned with engineering - I really don't want to sit in front of a computer all my life!

So, after enjoying my work with St. John, I have looked into, and decided to apply for a degree/diploma in adult nursing, my preference is for Hull, but I've also applied to York, Bristol, Brighton, Bournemouth and, of course, Surrey.

It has taken me about a month to get together the information needed for the application form, as I didn't have full transcripts from Salisbury College where I did BTEC First and National Diplomas, or even from Surrey. Surrey simply sent me a photocopy of their originals, BTEC wanted £26 for the copies, and a photocopy of my passport and birth certificate!

And then there was the joy of composing a personal statement, which I have been working on for about 4 weeks - it is a fine line between writing what I mean, and sounding like I am only writing what the admissions people might want to hear! So I found myself writing the phrase "as clichéd as that sounds" following, well, a statement that sounded very hackneyed.

Finally off to my reference at St. John, and then off to UCAS/NMAS and then I wait to see who wants me, luckily I have the advantage of waiting in Australia, so at least I will have something to take my mind off the wait


  • At 9:33 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    good luck with the apps, i applied this year to train as a midwife but my app was unsucessful. hope you have more luck than me.


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