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Thursday, April 28, 2005

I am back!

I had a day in Singapore - very humid, but quite nice. I returned to my hotel for four showers during the day...

I just had a walk round, marvelled at all the shops, considered going in Starbucks, and then had a rather nice full body massage. I have never had one before, and was rather taken by surprise when she asked me to take my pants off!

In the evening I splashed out and had dinner at Raffles, but I stayed somewhere a little cheaper!

I went to the job centre yesterday, applied for a job at a Bournemouth hospital, applied for the job seeker's allowance, and complained that their website doesn't work with my computer. They helped with the first two, but were not bothered about their website incompatibilities. Bah.

I got my bike out yesterday to ride to town, the front tyre was permanently flat, and the back had a split with bulging inner tube poking out, so I bought new tyres and inner tubes in town, I didn't get expensive ones, but even still I could have bought a whole new bike for £5 more in Woolworth's! It is fully functional now, so I will be riding in to town, getting some photos developed and doing more job hunting.

I will get my Australia blog finished soon, the last month I was not near my computer most of the time, so I will need to add a few backdated entries and photo galleries, but it will not be as easy from here as I am on dial up. I will look into ADSL when I find a job!


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