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Sunday, March 07, 2004

Pet Shop Boys Barfly/MusicPassport gig

Earlier today I went to Camden Barfly with after I won the tickets the other week, it was a pretty good show. While we were waiting we noticed the Apple PowerBook on the stage, and I decided to see if I could connect to it via Bluetooth, it was discovered, but unfortunately I couldn't bluejack it... Probably for the best, I might have got into trouble!

The whole gig was organised from the PB, with Mr Tennant commenting "It's OS X"
The gig was quite short, only just over an hour, but the tiny venue and less than 200 people present made for a great atmosphere.

They played a great selection of tracks, and a really great new version of It's a sin. All in a good show. Definitely worth the £1.50 spent!