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Saturday, October 29, 2005


I am liking Flickr's tag function. I have uploaded more pictures now using their upload application, and apart from adding titles and descriptions you can also add tags which lets the same photo belong to many categories.

The best bit about this funtion is the user tags page which lists your tags as different size links depending on the number of images that have that tag applied.

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Things I have seen

Tonight I have seen a fancy dress party kicking out, someone dressed as Darth Vader struggling with his laser sword, bending over and dropping his helmet saying, "Oh shit" in a robotic voice.

Then I was following a red Passat down Fishponds Road (Bristol's red light district) when he slowed and swerved to look at the girls, finally stopping on the corner of the new Barratt development having made his choice.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Have just set myself up with a flickr account, and have uploaded some photos. Quite a good system, more tinkering to fine tune everything, but I have uploaded 31 selected pictures from all those on my computer. You can find me here:


the 'list by tags' feature is good - the bigger the text the more pictures


If you have one link them up so I can see yours.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

How did I cope without the internet?

Last time I went to university the internet was in its infancy, Mosaic had just come out and I remember someone showing me a .gif animation and we were enthralled.

Those were the days when the internet was black, white, grey and blue.

By the end of my degree, Mozilla was out, and everyone had a personal website, but there was not much information out there, or if there was it was not easy to find.

Six years later, the personal website has become more professional, and we have GoogleTM to supply us with all our searching needs.

More importantly this is the age of on-line journals. Last time round, I spent hours in the library researching, and usually selecting poor books for my requirements. Today I may have been working all afternoon researching "Interprofessional working" but at least I was able to do it, wirelessly, from the comfort of my own home, browsing through 1,000's of on-line journals, compiling the data then sending it to a private directory of my website for use in tomorrow's presentation.

So much easier to find what I need, thanks UWE on-line library, thanks Ovid.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Giant microbes!

I cannot get over how bizarre, and at the same time cute these plush toys from giantmicrobes.com are.


I went to see Serenity last night, it was good.

I do not think it would have been so good if I had not see Firefly, as the film seemed to be a continuation of the series, resolving some unfinished business. The reviews I had read before hand seemed to suggest it would be starting again from the beginning, but instead it was a new River story, with some added background an a bit of a conclusion. Worked well, but I really think you need to have seen Firefly to properly introduce the characters.

I missed the theme tune.

Monday, October 03, 2005

The Man - Bill Drummond

Bill Drummond's The Man is being re-released, so here's my Amazon review (if they print it!)

4<br />out of 5 stars

Like folk? Like 'Art Terrorism'? Like broad Scots rapping?

Reviewer: xkylet from Bristol, United Kingdom

Yes, it's the same Bill Drummond of JAMMs/KLF/K Foundation/K2/etc fame, but what the KLF fan might expect isn't what they are necessarily going to get.

No mad, complex dance here, just some pleasant folky stumming, some slide guitar and the infamous "Julian Cope Is Dead"

Folk all the way through, with some autobiographical songs (Son of a Preacher Man, Going Back) and some happy songs (I'm The King of Joy, I Want that Girl) and a nice insturemtal to start with (True to the Trail - sort of cowboyish) and a recitation (Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation)

All is that same scots accent you might have heard singing altogether different songs.

Highly recommended.