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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

99% Chocolate

At the AFP Halloween/Tale meet Cookie had some 99% cocoa chocolate, which I tried & found to be rather nice.
This chocolate Chocolat Noir Infini had a label on it proclaiming it's place of procurement to be Salisbury. Where do I find myself living? Salisbury.
So off to the Belgian chocolate shop.
I bought a bar, very nice, very rich. I have had 3 nibbles today, I reckon a bar might just last a month.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Apple Store, London

I went to the new Apple Store in London today, it was quite nice. Huge shop, all your Apple products in one place, including the elusive AirPort card Friday did not deliver.
Of amuse the printer broke whilst I was queueing!
I passed at 5pm on Friday, there was a queue for the grand opening already!

Camden town

Was in Camden Friday, never have I been offered so many drugs in such a short time, not since I last went to the Notting Hill Carnival, anyway.
Odd really.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


My flat had been on the market since the beginning of March, and at
last on Monday I finally completed the sale, and am no officially
homeless, it is great. So obviously I went out and bought myself a new
digital camera, an Olympus µ-mini digital, 4MP of zoomy orangey

I am one step closer to Australia!

Friday, November 12, 2004

Last day at work...

Today was my last day at T&R, I arrived 10 mins late, because the cake shop didn't open until 8! I thought I'd splash out and buy everyone a cake, there are only 16 of us, and the near-by bakers is very cheap.

Mostly been packing this morning, clearing out rubbish (I really should have eaten those apples a few months ago. Bleurgh) and trying to finish some work off.

Had my 'exit interview', which was just asking what I liked, disliked and thought could be better.

Then they gave me a hat with corks on, a multitool and some work promo stuff. Nice card with pictures of everyone.

And now it's 1pm, and the working day is over, and my employment here, after 4 years, is over and I'm one step closer to the next stage of my life!

Flat sale hopefully completing next Tuesday, Australia in 2 weeks and then... ?

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I am confused

M'friend Vicki returned to Australia at the beginning of the year, leaving me her SLR to sell, which I did, and got her £40 out of it, when her boyfriend went over there in the summer I offered him the money to take with him, but he said to bring it when I came over.

I'm going to Australia in 2 weeks, now he's asked me to pay the money into her UK current account.


Tuesday, November 09, 2004

UCAS/NMAS application fun

I have just filled in two 'personal statements' on a UCAS and an NMAS form, and it feels as if my arm is falling off.

Why am I doing it?

Well I have talked about this to a few people, but not really made it public, I'm planing on returning to uni next September to study nursing. I've already got a BEng from Surrey, but as you may have noticed from the fact that I quit the other week, I have become a little disilusioned with engineering - I really don't want to sit in front of a computer all my life!

So, after enjoying my work with St. John, I have looked into, and decided to apply for a degree/diploma in adult nursing, my preference is for Hull, but I've also applied to York, Bristol, Brighton, Bournemouth and, of course, Surrey.

It has taken me about a month to get together the information needed for the application form, as I didn't have full transcripts from Salisbury College where I did BTEC First and National Diplomas, or even from Surrey. Surrey simply sent me a photocopy of their originals, BTEC wanted £26 for the copies, and a photocopy of my passport and birth certificate!

And then there was the joy of composing a personal statement, which I have been working on for about 4 weeks - it is a fine line between writing what I mean, and sounding like I am only writing what the admissions people might want to hear! So I found myself writing the phrase "as clichéd as that sounds" following, well, a statement that sounded very hackneyed.

Finally off to my reference at St. John, and then off to UCAS/NMAS and then I wait to see who wants me, luckily I have the advantage of waiting in Australia, so at least I will have something to take my mind off the wait

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If you're a LiveJournal user I've just syndicated my kylet.co.uk blogs to there, my main kylet.co.uk blog, and my Kyle in Aus blog, you might like to add these feeds to your friends lists too:

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  • Mozilla Firefox 1.0

    Mozilla Firefox 1.0 was released today, and judging by the busyness of mozilla.org it seems many people are downloading it!

    One feature that means it's already replaced Safari as my default browser is the great live bookmarking of RSS, making syndication really work for me for the first time since, well, I discovered it using this here blog!

    Monday, November 08, 2004

    Places I have been

    Where I have been

    create your own visited countries map

    I do not usually do these, but I thought the map would come out well as I have been to many places.

    Note the Cook Islands, about half way down the left side of North America.