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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Top 10 tracks of 2013

Each year I reset the play count in iTunes, at the end of the year I have a look to see what the most popular tracks are. Here's my top 10 of 2013

  1. pomDeter - Call Me a Hole. Last year Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe was my top track, this year it's this genius mashup based on that song and one from Nine Inch Nails. 102 plays.
  2. Ylvis - The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?). I like this one, really. These guys aren't even singers, really, they're tv comedians. Musically great, lyrically stupid.
  3. Dave Stewart - Secret. A surprise re-entry. Bought this in 1995 when I was at uni, a great track which I'm amazed isn't more popular. 
  4. Kate Rusby - Village Green Preservation Society. Nothing else new here in this list, a perennial favourite. I'm a big fan of the cover version, I think I prefer this to the original.
  5. The Lightning Seeds - The Life of Riley. It's a great song, but I don't know why iTunes has been on a nostalgia trip this year. Perhaps it doesn't like any of my new albums? I've never seen the video to this before!
  6. Duran Duran - Hungry Like the Wolf. "I smell like I sound". Having watched that video I need to watch Raider of the Lost Ark now.
  7. Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance. Another crazy 80's video there. They looked like they had the best time.
  8. Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al. The whole Gracelands album has had a lot of play this year after I saw the anniversary programme on telly earlier in the year. I love the album, didn't know about the shonky politics at the time. But I'm disappointed that Malcolm McLaren's Duck Rock didn't get the credit for, 5 years earlier, introducing us to that African sound.
  9. Sachal Studios Orchestra & the Master Musicans of the West - Everybody Hurts (Ya Rab). I love this Asian flavoured cover. 
  10. Dexys - Come On Eileen. From the 2012 hootenanny, Dexys & Jools' R&B band do a Ska tinged version of this classic. A bit like Save Ferris' cover.