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Monday, January 31, 2005

Today I have done...

...nothing. Well it seems that way. I spent 5 hours filling in a questionnaire for my nursing application to The University of the West Of England, it was all 'describe a situation where...' questions and the like, 15 of the buggers, but I think I've got some good answers referring to things I did at Surrey, particularly Silly Night and running for President, and my St John activities. Absolute nightmare. Worse than the UCAS/NMAS forms which, although they took me a month to gather all the info, were quite easy to fill out.

Then I went to the doctors to have my ears syringed... and got charged AU$22 for the privilege - reciprocal healthcare? Pah. I did get AU$30.85 off with my Medicare card, but it was still a shock to pay at all.

And that has been the whole day, other than getting a couple of Wodehouses out of the library which I am going to enjoy now and relax.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Personalised iPod Ads

iPodMyPhoto.com take any old photo you might have lying around and turn it into a rather good facsimile of an iPod advert.

It's US$20 well spent in my opinion, see what you think, compare Dancing Fool with Dancing Fool iPod.

Monday, January 24, 2005

iPod Shuffle - pictures

A couple of pictures of the iPod Shuffle, one in the snazzy green box,
and a 'size comparison' picture


iPod Shuffle is here!

Have just picked up my 512MB iPod Shuffle, apparently amongst the first batch in Australia - well you'd think so, it was only released just over a week ago!

First impressions

  • It's small - a bit shorter, thinner and half the width of a Sony
    Ericsson T610

  • It's a bit heavier than you might expect.

  • More nice packaging - often overlooked, Apple's packaging dept. have done good once more.

  • iTunes 4.7.1 is installing, the Shuffle is charging, and then I'll have
    a proper play.

    More to follow...

    Wednesday, January 12, 2005

    iPod Shuffle

    Reserved myself a 512Mb iPod Shuffle today at DigiLife, one of Perth's independent Apple shops, just have to wait 2 weeks for it to arrive.

    Did not go for the 1Gb, nearly AU$100 more, already have a 20Gb iPod, wanted a tiny 'take everywhere' thing that can also double as a flash drive as I lost my 64Mb flash drive a week before Christmas, tiny thing, easily done, how happy am I that I didn't splash out AU$99 on a Sony 256Mb thing, when for an extra AU$50 I now have a shiney new Apple gizmo coming my way?

    Thursday, January 06, 2005

    Architecture in Helsinki

    Go visit the website of Architecture in Helsinki, a great Australian band whose song Do the Whirlwind I heard on telly a few weeks ago. The song plays on the website, and I think it's great.