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Friday, August 25, 2023

A Quintessential British Summer: Camping in Lee and Bodyboarding at Woolacombe

As the British summer unfurls its gentle warmth, there’s a delightful call to the great outdoors. And what better way to answer than by pitching your tent in the charming village of Lee, followed by the exhilarating rush of bodyboarding in Woolacombe? If you’re in search of tranquillity mixed with a bit of seaside adventure, and of course, the classic campfire cuppa, here’s your ideal summer jaunt.

Camping in the Heart of Lee

Tucked into a lush valley and fondly dubbed the ‘Fuchsia Valley’, Lee offers the very essence of British countryside camping.

1. Perfect Pitch: Whether you’re after a shaded spot beneath age-old oaks or a more open pitch with views of the stars, Lee’s got the lot.

2. Outdoor Fires: Nothing beats the magic of gathering around a roaring fire as dusk settles. Toasting marshmallows, sharing a yarn or two, and the comforting warmth - it’s pure bliss.

3. Campfire Cook-up: British summer camping isn’t complete without cooking over an open fire. Whether it’s grilling a bit of fresh fish, toasting a sarnie, or brewing up a kettle for tea, there’s a distinct smoky flavour that’s simply top-notch.

Bodyboarding Adventures at Woolacombe

Just a stone’s throw from Lee, Woolacombe with its golden beaches and splendid waves beckons.

1. Catch a Wave: With Woolacombe’s reliable waves, both novices and seasoned boarders can have a right good splash. The sheer joy of catching a wave, and that smooth slide towards the shore, is absolutely cracking.

2. Safety First: If you’re a tad green, fret not. There are plenty of local shops offering lessons to get you up and boarding safely in no time.

3. Sun, Sea, and Sand: Post-bodyboarding, it’s time to laze about on the sandy shores, maybe have a go at sandcastle building, or indulge in a classic 99 Flake.

In Conclusion

Between the peaceful embrace of Lee and the lively vibes of Woolacombe, this trip is a slice of British summer heaven. So pack your kit, grab your board, and prepare for a summer outing that’s as British as it gets.