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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

"Can I have a pay rise?" "No"

about 2 months ago I asked for a pay rise - nothing extortionate, an extra £100 pcm take-home since I have not had a rise for over 2 years, but today I was denied. Actually what I asked for amounts to no more than inflation for the past 2 years. So effectively I have been taking a pay cut with the increased cost of my mortgage, council tax, etc...

Who knew Engineering does not pay? I could earn the same working full-time at Wetherspoon's - and I would get cheap food!

MD says he does not think I put much effort into my work, and do not contribute anything to the company, which I genuinely had no answer for because I could not think after hearing that.

Of course being told these things has really made me feel good about myself, and of course made me want to work so much harder too.

Never mind, eh?