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Friday, October 27, 2006

Smoking Gun

On Wednesday I happened to comment to a friend that the 'typical east end alleyway' I came across in Borough reminded me of the a setting from Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels - well there is a good reason why it reminded me of that location

Because it is the location from LSTSB. That explains the 'this is not a photo opportunity' graffito - which you cannot quite make out next to the man in the picture.

Bit like the time I happened to pass the fire-station from Ghostbusters as I was walking in New York a couple of years ago.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

A trip to London


Yesterday I got the 0720 bust from Bristol and got to London at 0930, headed straight for the Tate Modern where it took me an hour and a half to queue to get tickets to join the queue for slide 4 of Carston Höller's Test Site, and I had finally got my 5 second ride - well worth it. - I was assured that while this wasn't the tallest, it was the fastest - hard hats and elbow pads supplied! Having been to the Tate many times before I didn't stop to look anywhere else, and headed straight for Borough Market - but it was closed, a detail I didn't think to check! But as I was there I happened across the Old Operating Theatre museum, fascinating as as it was also a herb garret it smelt lovely.

Just had a wander about looking at places I have not been before, or for a while.

Then I met m'friend Liz after she finished work just off Oxford Street - in another nice area I had not been to before. Luckily I found it okay, as a passing woman in a drizabone and a motorbike helmet showed me the way.

Unfortunately we only had about an hour before my bus left, and then to make matters worse my bus was an hour late. Bah

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Transport for London

I am off to London tomorrow, amongst other things I am meeting a friend at 1800 when she finishes work, and need to be back at Victoria for 1930 to get the bus home, so wanted to check the Tube times. I was most amused to see the last option I was given was "Don't be so lazy and walk":

Friday, October 20, 2006


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Procrastination tool

Let Them Sing it for You, from Sweden is a great waste of time - type in any sentence and it will say it for you using the words as sung in popular songs.
Like the big child I am I like to make it sing rude things

This week I have mostly...

To complete the eclectic week that included a death metal gig, a student night cheesy disco/foam party I have just finished off with breakdancing lessons.

As I just described it elsewhere "it's a bit like line dancing, but on the floor" - amazing fun, tiring, I'll be back.

Oh yeah, I did some uni work too.